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KLG-TRANS Fuvarozó,

Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.

H-2800 Tatabánya,

Bárdos lakópark 3/B  Fsz. 3.

Tel./Fax.: +36 34 300 432,  +36 34 309 447

Pénzügy: +36 34 710 253

Description of firm

Our firm was founded in 1999 under the name 'KLG - Trans Bt' (a deposit partnership), as an undertaking in 100-% Hungarian ownership. As of 1 February 2010, we have been operating as 'KLG - Trans Kft' (a limited liability company).

We are at our old and new customers' service with motor vehicles of our own. Orders for carriage are always fulfilled with motor vehicles which are unobjectionable in terms of both technical condition and aesthetic appearance.

Every vehicle is equipped with GPS and a mobile phone. By means of our fleet tracking system, we are always able to provide information for our customers about the whereabouts of the goods. We pay special attention to the condition of our vehicles in addition to regular servicing. Our vehicle fleet is subject to regular updating, our vehicles are replaced with new ones after 3 years of use. Our vehicles are kept in guarded car-parks.

With regard to the fact that our customers and some manufacturing firms more and more often require that the drivers should be registered in DID system, from 2011 on, every driver of ours has a DID card. Every driver is a registered member in an identification database meeting stringent requirements, i.e. their reliability and the work they do is evaluated on the basis of a global quality assurance system related to drivers.

Our vehicles are provided with both compulsory liability insurance and casco insurance. Our firm pays special attention to the insurance of the goods, and, for this purpose, has current CMR insurance and DAS Legal Protection Insurance. Also, we are members of NiT Hungary (Federation of National Private Transporters) and have been subscribers to TimoCom since 2004.


Express fulfilment of international carriage tasks exclusively to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany (mainly the Ruhr region).

Business line of our firm


Our forwarding colleagues keep in touch with the drivers from the receipt until the delivery of the goods, so the goods can be tracked all the time during carriage.

We undertake to perform carriage tasks which take up to 24 hours, and the delivery of part cargos as quickly as in 48 hours.

Transport & Logistics

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